Marketplace for personal home services

When digital transformation makes life easier for your customers or employees.

from : 200$/month + set up fees

Marketplace for personal home services: power of a dedicated platform

All the power
a platform dedicated to personal home service businesses:

  • Unified management of your network of service companies,
  • Schedules
  • Estimates, contracts, invoices
  • Dashboards, …

Synergizing your community for optimal market coverage.

All the conviviality of a customer journey thought of as a “casting”

  • Multi-criteria search engine by qualification
  • Employee Location
  • Assessment and rating by clients
  • Online shop with secure ordering and payment, …

In a few clicks, the most hurried as well as the most demanding will find satisfaction to their expectations

Marketplace for personal home services: user-friendly customer experience

A platform designed to add value to the services offered to your clients and collaborators

 Ogust, the expert of the personal home services software

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