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Your Ogust solution, online tutoring services management software.

 Tutoring services management: schedule and coupons

A watchful eye on the lessons
from the teachers’ provisional schedule to the service coupons.

 Tutoring services management: provider and agent modes

Management Excellence Award
in provider mode as in agent mode.

 Tutoring Services Management: Assignment of employees

The right orientation of employees
thanks to an intelligent search engine.

Customer testimonials

Guillaume Lavigne


It is with pleasure that I highly recommend OGUST software to any personal home service company wishing to significantly reduce its operating costs and increase customer satisfaction.
Our maintenance and landscaping subsidiary opted for OGUST software to manage all our operational constraints, optimize our work, projects and sites and improve the flow and transparency of information between us, our customers and our employees.
The software proves to be the perfect solution for our complex needs.
In addition, OGUST serves its customers quickly and efficiently.
We are already planning to implement a new OGUST license in another of our service subsidiaries.

Laurence Odoard


We have been using this business software since 2009, our SAAD was then a small structure that started. This software brought us The essential solution for the good management of the structure. Over time, OGUST has evolved according to the needs of users but also the evolution of legal obligations related to the sector. For us it is the most positive point: the constant adaptation of the software to the evolution of the sector.

Daniel Cornet

Atout Service

OGUST provides us with a complete solution, particularly for the management of our business planning. Regular updates are welcome, as are the possibilities for modulation and customization of the service. Malfunctions are rare and the support service is reactive for their resolution.

Fabien Schonbachler


We made the choice to switch to OGUST. And I’m very satisfied. Indeed this has allowed us to gain in efficiency in the global follow-up of our childcare activity and to modernize our relations with our collaborators, customers and prospects. Getting started is relatively simple and the administrative follow-up has become much less cumbersome thanks in particular to the electronic signature and the complete integrated payroll service. I also appreciate the fact that the OGUST team continues to evolve on a daily basis.

Damien Vialard

Mouton Vole

I’ve been using OGUST for six years now. This software is specific to our business and the flexibility of use only improves our working conditions. The OGUST team is reactive in case of problems (which remain rare) and updates are frequent. It is a tool that I recommend to professionals in the sector.

Sandrine Garel

Longue Vie CMJ

Beyond the personality of the sales team, which was very friendly and attentive to my expectations, the tool was instinctive and much easier to learn than the competitors. Today, after 8 years of use, I have seen the software enriched and I have added functionalities, according to what was offered to me and their utility for a better management of my company. I can only advise the use of OGUST from the start of its activity. I convinced one of my colleagues to subscribe to it and as soon as I am asked my opinion, I do not hesitate to put forward OGUST.

Cédric Fele


Ange Gardien has been loyal to OGUST for almost 10 years. OGUST strives to meet the global needs of a home care structure. This allows us to centralize the management of our activity in a single tool, accessible from any position. The OGSUT team listens to our evolution requests and anticipates opportunities to improve the solution, which allows us to be fully efficient and in phase with the growing needs of our business. Thanks to OGUST for this dynamism!


Ange Gardien

I chose Ogust when I started my childcare agency 5 years ago. Since those 5 years, Ogust hasn’t stopped improving. The computer scientists are listening to our requests and they are always one step ahead of the market, so sometimes we have trouble following them! But the follow-up is there, fortunately!

Clémentine Marboutin


Convinced by OGUST’s willingness and capacity to adapt to our practices, we are now even more reassured to see how the development team was able to anticipate the new banking regulations and the new collective agreement in the services sector: we are sure we made the right choice.

Ogust, the expert of personal home services software

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